What are the Most Common Causes of Fires?

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Fire PreventionAs a company who value our customers, we want to pass on some facts and advice. House fires are so common, yet aren’t at the forefront of many people’s minds during their day to day. As many fire fighting bodies constantly stress, prevention is the best course of action. Of course apart from efforts and actions to stay safe, working smoke and fire alarms are a must have in every building. In 2020 fire and rescue services in the UK received 153,314 calls to fires, varying in severity, with 229 of them resulting in deaths. Fires are categorised as:

Primary fires
These fires begin in a building or vehicle that is inhabited, involve a casualty or fatality and require several pumping devices. There were 65,513 of these in the UK in 2020, Most of these types of fire [74%] occur in houses.

Secondary fires
Secondary fires are smaller and usually take place outdoors, and have not caused harm to people. The weather is a big factor in the impact caused by these fires.

Chimney fires
Chimneys in the home are still a significant source of fire and represent a notable amount of cases.

What’s the biggest causes of house fires?


Smoking indoors is a major cause of all fires, and is responsible for almost half of household fire deaths. Being careless with cigarettes after alcohol, falling asleep with a lit cigarette or failing to put one out properly are main causes. Smoking in bed is also extremely dangerous.


Unattended candles represent one of the most hazardous situations and cause many devastating fires. Always place candles away from anything combustible and out of reach of children, pets etc.


A main cause of fires is cooking, particularly where any kind of grease is involved, which can combust even where there are no flames. Never leave things like chip pans unattended.

Electrical appliances

These are also famous for causing fires especially if faulty, and may produce sparks which ignite nearby materials. Always use a qualified electrician for any electrical work, and have appliances checked regularly.

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