Wet Chemical & Class D Powder Extinguishers

Wherever there is a likelihood of hot cooking oils or fat becoming alight, such as in a commercial or even a domestic kitchen, a wet chemical fire extinguisher should be on hand. Not restricted for use on just one class of fire these versatile extinguishers are suitable for a range of fires. Placement of these extinguishers will contribute to the requirements of most fire safety regulations.

Class D or metal fires are dealt with using wet chemical extinguishers which ensure the desired results. Restaurants and other catering establishments will benefit from the knowledge that these reliable fire fighting systems are in place.

Wet Chemical Extinguishers for Deep Fat Fryer/Cooking Oil Fires

Class F fires involving cooking fat/deep fat fryers, require wet chemical fire extinguishers which work by saponification. This is a process where a soapy layer covers the surface of the oil, smothering the flames while cooling the oil. This is extremely effective even where temperatures have reached 340 degrees.

In addition to class F fires, this type of extinguisher may also be used on class A [paper, straw, wood, card, textiles and coal] and class B fires [solvents, petrol, fats and oils]. Prevention of re-ignition is a main advantage of the wet chemical extinguisher.

Fire Extinguisher for Class A, B & F Fires

Wet chemical extinguishers provide an ideal and effective answer to Class F Fires caused by cooking oils and fat (e.g. olive oil, maize oil, lard and butter).

Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher Specification

  • Capacity 6 Litre
  • Kitemarked to BS EN3 & fully CE marked
  • Fire Rating 13A
  • Full Weight 10.7 KG
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel
  • 35kVa Dielectric test certified and comply fully with BS EN3-7: 2004 Clause 9 – dielectric test for water-based extinguishers.
  • 6 Litre model suitable for up to 75ltr capacity deep fat fryer

Specialist Powder Extinguishers & Metal Fires

Specialist Powder extinguishers are highly effective against Class D or metal fires such as sodium, magnesium, lithium and aluminium when in the combustible form of powder or swarf. These fires need to be dealt with using a specialised type of extinguisher.

Specialist powder fire extinguishers are perfect in these conditions Their unique lance applicator is designed to allow the powder to fall gently over the fire to prevent burning material from spreading. Manufacturing processes and laboratories have an increased risk of this kind of fire, where dust is created by milling aluminium, drilling or cutting.

Class D Powder Extinguisher Specification

These extinguishers are used on a wide range of metal fires including magnesium, lithium, sodium and aluminium. A corrosion-resistant finish and plastic protective base are features with specialist powder extinguishers.

  • Capacity 9KG
  • Type: Lithium L2 Powder
  • Fire Rating: Fires involving Lithium
  • Monnex Powder 233B
  • M28 Powder Metal fires (Sodium & Magnesium)
  • Full Weight 15KG

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