The Truth about Fire Sprinklers

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Sprinkler sprinklingWhether its in a domestic, commercial or industrial setting its a fact that fire sprinklers save lives, property, jobs, money, communities and the environment! The reality of this statement is well documented with many incidences where fire sprinklers have averted what could have ended as disastrous fires. The devastating consequences of blazes are a source of concern everywhere but particularly where loss of life is possible. As a result of raised awareness, we are experiencing increased enquiries and contracts from all sectors to advise on and fit sprinkler systems.

There are still some myths around about fire sprinklers however, which need to be dispelled before we will see progress, and safe and widespread fire prevention. The main arguments people put forward about installing fire sprinklers are :-

Myth: Every sprinkler in the building will activate if a piece of toast burns, ruining property and stock.
Truth: Sprinkler heads are designed to operate independently of each other, and will only go off when a fire reaches a predetermined temperature. Also, sprinklers use 15 times less water than a fire fighter would use on the same blaze.

Myth: Aren’t sprinklers unreliable?
Truth: Sprinklers are exceptionally reliable, with only 1 in 14 million per year having manufacturing defects. There are actually 100 year old sprinklers today which remain in full working order!

Myth: Sprinkler systems are too expensive.
Truth: Installation of sprinkler systems can usually be compared roughly to the cost of carpeting throughout. Many customers consider them cost effective when you look at their advantages. Plus the presence of fire sprinklers may actually save money on your insurance policy.

Myth: Fire sprinklers are a bit of an eyesore and will spoil the look of my building.
Truth: In fact fire sprinklers these days are elegant and compact, they can be extremely small and can be installed unobtrusively so as not to detract from the surrounding d├ęcor. One additional benefit of this technology is that they negate the need for highly visible portable fire fighting equipment.

Myth: I dont need fire sprinklers, its unlikely to happen to me.
Truth: A significant amount of accidental fires are caused by carelessness, electrical faults or electrical appliances, and a high percentage of fires are started deliberately. In these circumstances anybody can become a victim.

Myth: The nature of my business means that water cannot be used, and sprinklers only use water.
Truth: Foam enhanced sprinklers are able to cope with a wide range of fires such as flammable liquid, petroleum and chemical fires.

So you see how versatile and dependable fire sprinklers are, and any other questions about sprinklers or our other products and services, can be answered by ringing us on 0191 214 6400.

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