Fire Safety Sprinkler System Maintenance

Fire Logistics Ltd currently have over 120 sprinkler system maintenance contracts with the range of customers including chemical plants, clothing manufacturers and art galleries. We maintain the sprinkler / fire pumps in accordance with BSEN/FM/NFPA guidelines.

Seasonal Sprinkler System Changeover

We also carry out the seasonal system change over from wet sprinkler to dry sprinkler in Oct and from dry to wet in May. These changeovers are essential when sprinklers are situated in locations such as car parks and factories which are subject to cold winter conditions. In the event of a fire whilst the system is set on air, the sprinklers will automatically activate with water following an approx 20 second delay.

Typical Sprinkler System Testing & Maintenance

A typical sprinkler system testing and maintenance plan involves the annual service of the water supplies, i.e. fire pumps, by a specialist sub contractor under our control.

We will carry out inspection and service to the sprinkler control valves and internals. We clean, lubricate and apply new seals where appropriate. We also apply a full function test at the sprinkler control valve to ensure correct operation.

Sprinkler Heads Function Test

Sprinkler System Design & InstallationUnder BSEN 12845 Annex K, a 25 year function test of sprinkler heads is recommended and Fire Logistics Ltd can arrange this. The sprinkler heads are tested for the temperature at which they are activated. We also apply a water flow test, pressure test and function test.

Every 25 year a random sample of sprinkler heads should be sent for analysis. A report is issued detailing the outcome of the analysis. If one sprinkler fails the test we recommend prompt action to replace all sprinkler heads or carry out further investigative testing.

Pipework Inspection & Waterway Flushing

Every 2 5 years a sample of pipework should be inspected to ensure clear waterway. Periodic thorough flushing to maintain a clear waterway is recommended.

Fire Logistics Ltd are competent to review the hazard with respect to the sprinkler installation and to provide any recommendations to ensure compliance with the standard.