Design, Supply, Installation & Maintenance of Fire Safety Sprinkler Protection Systems

Chemical Industry Fire Sprinkler Protection
Fire Logistics Ltd has a very strong reputation in sprinkler protection for the chemicals industry. This is a very specific area and we have built up a wealth of expertise in this field.

Sprinklers – Specific Challenges in the Chemicals Industry

Design, Supply, Installation & Maintenance of Fire Safety Sprinkler Protection SystemsInstalling fire protection sprinklers in chemical plants offers a number of specific challenges:

  • Maintaining the existing protection for as long as possible, whilst installing upgraded protection. The key requirement is to minimise sprinkler system downtime during the installation of the pipe work, ensuring that the clients’ operations continue.
  • Continuity of operation. Being a process industry it is not feasible to stop production and so we work around the ongoing operation. The equipment must be bagged and tagged – eliminate risk of cross contamination. The client cannot accept product scrappage risk and so we operate in a very tightly sealed environment.

Experience & Practical Engineered Solutions

Fire Logistics Ltd has very specific experience and training in this field.

If you have a special risk or a very difficult situation to deal with, call us. We are always available to advise, discuss and explore options. Utilise our expertise with a free of charge consultation.

Our practice is to always accommodate the client and the insurer and strive for practicality within any task. We will develop a workable engineered solution which will meet the requirements of both the client and the insurer.

Projects – Sprinklers Installation in Chemical Plants

Below are details of some of our recent sprinkler installations in chemical manufacturing facilities:

  • Upgrade the sprinkler protection currently installed to meet the insurance company requirements for all sprinklers operating on all 4 floors simultaneously, together with structural column protection.
  • To upgrade sprinkler protection in the cold store of a pharmaceutical plant with 3 levels of in-rack sprinklers at every pallet location .
  • New sprinkler protection in a GMP environment, making speciality medicine.
  • Robinson Brothers, West Bromwich – At this chemical manufacturing plant we installed three deluge systems to the high risk tank farms. We also installed foam enhanced and new water supplies comprising one electrical and one diesel driven fire pumps. The water is drawn from the ex-effluent tank which we converted to a water storage tank.
  • For a chemical company in the North East we designed and installed new water spray protection around the production vessels and re-engineered the pipework.