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The importance of a high quality, professionally installed sprinkler system as part of a buildings fire prevention strategy is now undisputed. The facts and figures speak for themselves, and in early 2015 Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service joined forces with other fire and rescue services nationwide to raise awareness. In 2014 alone in the UK, 322 people died and 9,748 suffered injury as a result of fire. These devastating events can destroy lives and where the fire occurs at a business premises, cause financial ruin.
Earlier this year in East Sussex fire and rescue service crews were called to a hostel in Brighton, and found that a sprinkler head had subdued a fire in one of the bedrooms. The fire was completely extinguished with ease by the crew, and the sprinkler head replaced immediately avoiding what could have been a very serious situation.
There is plenty of reported evidence to highlight how crucial fire sprinkler systems are, and we are experiencing increasing demand for installation of sprinkler systems across the board.

Fragrance Manufacturer, Tyneside
We recently undertook a major project for a fragrance manufacturer, involving installation of over 1800 sprinkler heads at their production plant.

Military Base – Discreet Sprinklers
We have also been contracted to complete an appraisal of a fire fighting system located within a sensitive military base. All equipment here is required to remain unobtrusive yet practical and compliant with international standards fire fighting equipment regulations.

Factory Complex in Oman
Fire Logistics are due to satisfy a request from a leading UK based multinational company, to review their fire protection systems and procedures. We will perform an examination of a factory complex upgrade in Oman. This is a result of the development within the UK of an excellent relationship with this client.
We strive to attain this relationship with all of our customers, and are always happy to advise free of charge,  about fire prevention installation and answer any questions our customers may have.
If you wish to find out more about our fire prevention products or services including sprinkler system design, installation and maintenance, extinguishers, fire alarms, emergency lighting and fire safety training courses contact us on 0191 214 6400.


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