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Cost Effective Fire Fighting Products

ABC MacIntosh would like to thank friends and fire fighting colleagues at Fire Logistics Ltd for inviting us onto their website to promote our products and services.

ABC MacIntosh continue to work with fire fighters, fire brigades and high risk industries throughout the world developing cost effective fire fighting solutions.

Different Fires Demand Different Solutions

Fire Risk Assessments categorise fires into 6 classes.

  • Class A Fires – Freely Burning Materials: include paper, wood and textiles
  • Class B Fires – Flammable Liquids: petrol, oil, paint
  • Class C Fires – Flammable Gases: methane, propane, hydrogen
  • Class D Fires – Flammable Metals: lithium, magnesium, aluminium
  • Class E Fires – Combustible Cooking Materials: cooling oil, grease, fats
  • Class F Fires – Electrical Fires: computers, fuse boxes, electrical appliances

Most people know enough not to pour water on burning oil but what is the most effective way to combat a fire in an electrical appliance? Or how to tackle a fire at a chemical site where there may be a combination of flammable gases and liquids? Or how to tackle a forest fire where there is not an easily accessible water source.

Since 1998 ABC MacIntosh have worked with partners around the globe developing environmentally friendly and cost effective fire fighting products, designed for every need.

Woodland Fires, Petrochemical Fires & Nuclear Safety

Climate change, the growth in outdoor activities and intensive forestry have led to an increase in the extent and frequency of forest fires. Woodland and heathland fires provide distinct challenges for fire fighters. ABC Macintosh have developed a range of environmentally benign water additives that are much more effective in extinguishing fires than water alone. Water additives are particularly effective when water is in short supply or difficult to access.

ABC MacIntosh have a range of products designed to extinguish mixed chemical fires for the petrochemical industry. Fluorosurfactant free foams are as effective in treating biofuels, ethanol and ethanol blends as they are in extinguishing hydrocarbon-based fires. Fluorosurfactant free foams give fire fighters the confidence to tackle chemical fires in any environment.

Fluorosurfactant free foams, dry powders, foam concentrates and wetting agents have also been developed specifically for use in nuclear facilities.

Fire Fighting Foam & Water Delivery System

Fire Fighting Foam & Water Delivery System

ABC MacIntosh have designed a range of mobile Fire Attack Systems including the FAS Mini and the FAS Ultra. Fire Attack Systems are effective for industrial fires and forest fires and can be employed as auxiliary fire fighting units.

Fire Attack Systems feature:

  • Over 90% water efficiency
  • Systems can be used with both foam and water
  • Excellent ground penetration to eliminate hotspots
  • Produce an effective heat shield for fire fighting
  • Minimal pressure drop hoses
  • Operate from dedicated tanks or open water sources
  • Portable and compact in design

ABC MacIntosh Fire Attack Systems are ideal for use in the most challenging of environments.

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ABC MacIntosh are always happy to talk to Fire Departments, Fire Risk Assessment Offices and Industrial Safety Consultants regarding our services.

Further information can be found on our website at www.abcmacintosh.com.

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