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Effective Fire Fighting Foams & Equipment

3F is a global company specialising in the design, manufacture and supply of fire fighting chemicals and equipment for every environment. With regional offices in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas, 3F work with fire fighters across the world in extinguishing all fire hazards.

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Fire Fighting Foams, Chemicals and Extinguishers

As every fire fighter knows, there is not a one-size-fits-all answer to combating fires. The earliest fire fighting technologies were based around the most efficient use of water – and in some instances this is still true. Water is still an effective method of extinguishing Class A Fires involving paper, wood and textiles. Unfortunately water is not always freely available in the quantities required to safely extinguish large fires. For example, forest fires and heathland fires may be in areas well away from a natural water source.

3F – in conjunction with their sister company, ABC MacIntosh – have developed a range of additives to vastly improve the efficiency of water in extinguishing fires.

3F are also behind a range of chemical products, fuorosurfactants and foams designed to control and extinguish all classes of fire including petrol & oil fires, electrical fires and fires involving flammable gases and metals. We also cover special risks such as toxic gas containment, oil dispersion, coastline protection, foam breakdown, antifreeze protection, concrete expansion and particles dispersion control.

Environmentally Friendly Fire Fighting Solutions

3F has over 20 years experience in developing fire fighting foams and chemical extinguishers. We now sell more than 30 products including standard foams, AFFF and alcohol resistant solutions, Hi-Ex foams and a new line of ecologically friendly foams. In tackling forest fires it has often been the case in the past where the chemicals used to put out the fire have left a toxic residue in their wake. Fire fighting foams produced by 3F are designed to have a minimal environmental impact making them amongst the greenest fire fighting products available on the market.

Fire Extinguishers & Fire Fighting Delivery Systems

Environmentally Efficient Fire Fighting from www.3fff.co.uk

3F have a comprehensive range of fire extinguishers designed for combating Class A, B, and F ratings to EN3 standards.

We have also developed a fantastic range of fire fighting delivery systems designed to work in the most demanding environments. FAS Fire Attack Systems are a range of high pressure water & foam units that deliver foam and water at pressures up to 200 bar (3000psi) with a flow rate of 14-50 litres/min. The FAS Mini & Ultra are portable units that can be fitted to most trucks or trailers. The FAS Max is a 4×4 vehicle that can be quickly deployed in difficult terrain and the FAS Trakker is an off-road tracked vehicle designed for the most hostile environments.

3F stock and sell CDT Triton, Cameleon and Salamandre advanced foam dosing systems. CDT provide high tech solutions to ensure the most effective delivery of the right fire fighting foams in the right density for every situation. The Triton is a portable unit that can be adapted to smaller vehicles while the Salamandre is been designed to deal with large fires for the gas and oil industries.

Pumps, Generators & Specialist Fire Fighting Equipment

3F offer an extensive choice of HYFLO water & foam pumps capable of supplying up to 2300 litres/min at 7 Bar (100psi). We have foam trolleys, handy foam portable units and foam chambers.

3F have developed a range of specialised foam and water delivery lances designed for tackling fires in confined spaces such as engine compartments or penetrating hidden fires including peat fires and thatch fires.

A recent innovation is the ‘Hotspotter’ heat detector which is an easy-to-use hand-held device designed for personal protection. The warning signal is visible on a LED display and the warning signal can be clearly heard through a fire helmet.

Further Information / Contact Us

Contact information for our offices in Singapore, Morocco and Panama can be found on our website at www.3fff.co.uk.

All other enquiries should be directed to our UK branch at:

3F Europe
Unit B, 18 Brunel Road,
Earlstree Industrial Estate, Corby,
Northants, NN17 4JW, UK
+44 (0) 1536 202919

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