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luxliteIt is generally accepted these days that LED lights are the way to go, and they are replacing the old incandescent bulbs everywhere

The light-emitting diode (LED) is one of today’s most rapidly-developing and energy-efficient lighting technologies. LED lights are more durable, long lasting and usually offer superior light qualities compared to other forms of illumination. When replacing the existing home, office or commercial premises lighting, decide which lights are used the most and replace these first.

If you want the equivalent of 100w go for a 10w LED bulb, if you require 60w you should buy 6w, or for 40w choose 4w. A 50w GU10 spotlight can be replaced by a 4w LED bulb.

The warmth of LED light colour is measured in Kelvin [K], the lower the number the warmer the light, for instance 2700K is similar to the light from an old fashioned bulb, while 500K is an almost blue white. Try investing in just one bulb first to test, bearing in mind that many stores will change a bulb if you are not completely satisfied with some aspect.

Led lights are available as dimmable, although its worth checking with an electrician, whether or not you need to change your switches, as LED uses so little electricity

It is wise to take the old bulb which you are replacing with you when you buy your LED lights, just in case the fittings are different, or your not sure which you need.

If you buy good quality LED lighting you will probably not need to replace them for around 15 years! This will ensure significant savings on fuel bills and other associated expenses, which is why so many major organisations are opting to go all LED.

Incandescent lights have no energy saving benefits, halogen have up to 30% energy saving, CFL have up to 70%, and LED have an enormous 90% energy saving capability. An incandescent bulb uses 60 Watts in one year costing £19, while a LED bulb on the other hand uses 7 Watts at a cost of £2.22 per year.

Their advantages lie not only in saving you money, but LED lighting has at least four times less impact on the environment than other lighting technologies. This cuts back on the amount of energy needing to be produced by coal, gas and nuclear plants.

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