Fire Hose Reels, Fire Alarms & Emergency Lighting

We supply a selection of reliable well designed hose reels to accommodate 19mm x 30m semi rigid fire hose tubing. Hose Reels are available in a choice of Fixed, Automatic, Swinging or Manual.
Hose Reel Accessories from Fire Logistics Ltd include a selection of nozzles, foam attachments, reel cabinets, covers and fire safety signs.

Fixed Hose Reels & Automatic Hose Reels

Fixed Hose Reels & Automatic Hose ReelsFixed Hose Reels
Both manual and automatic hose reels may be fixed to a wall bracket which turns to let out the hose. A beaded or roller hose guide ensures that the hose may be quickly pulled in any direction required. Fixed Hose Reels are extremely popular and highly functional.

Automatic Hose Reels
Automatic Hose Reels have a permanently turned on water valve and water flow is relatively immediate once the nozzle is twisted. This is a huge advantage in emergencies where time and minimal effort are of the essence.

Manual Hose Reels & Swinging or Recessed Hose Reels

Manual Hose Reels
Similar to a garden hose, a Manual Hose Reel requires you to turn on a tap before the water is expelled. This can be preferable where there is a possibility of water freezing within the pipe in for instance exterior or exposed places.

Swinging Hose Reels
A Swinging Hose Reel is completely multi directional and will swing away from the wall mounting bracket, following the direction it is being pulled in. This makes this type of hose reel easy and fast in any emergency situation.

Recessed Swinging Hose Reels include an extra bend in the bracket enabling them to be recessed into a wall, or concealed behind a door, yet will swing in any direction. This feature is useful where corridors are narrow or a protrusion would impact on the overall building design.

Fire Protection Accessories, Fire Blankets & Extinguisher Covers

Fire Blankets, available from Fire Logistics Ltd, extinguish the fire by forming an air tight seal which smothers the flames and cuts off the supply of oxygen. Made to comply with current British fire safety standards, these fire blankets are manufactured from extremely effective fire retardant material. A choice of sizes are available such including 1.0m x 1.0m, 1.2m x 1.2m, 1.8m x 1.2m & 1.8m x 1.8m.

Extinguisher Covers are designed to provide protection from the environment while giving ease of access. Made from reinforced vinyl with convenient velcro fastenings for trouble free use. Extinguisher covers come in sizes to fit: 6 Litre / 9 Litre / 2KG CO2 & 5KG CO2 Extinguishers.

Fire Alarms & Emergency Lighting

Our qualified engineers are fully trained to FIA Standards in the installation of fire alarms and emergency lighting systems. Since introducing alarms and emergency lighting to our offer in 2013, uptake has been at a very high level. By offering alarms and emergency lighting, Fire Logistics can now meet all of your fire safety needs with our comprehensive package.

For one new customer, a food packaging business in Middlesbrough, we have installed alarms and emergency lighting in their 6 units in the locality. For a castings company in South Shields we have installed alarms and emergency lighting, which means that we now service their entire fire safety requirement.

Regarding commercial installations, we have recently installed emergency lighting and alarms in a care home in Willington and a restaurant in Washington. For an accountancy practice in Chester-le-Street we have installed fire alarms and undertaken the 5 year periodic fire safety inspection.

Extinguisher Cabinets, Stands & Vehicle Extinguisher Boxes

Single & Double Extinguisher Cabinets & Vehicle Extinguisher Boxes are not only practical, protecting the extinguisher from interior and exterior damage or theft, but give a smart and tidy appearance.

Single & Double Extinguisher Stands are available in either: Red, Grey or Beige.

We supply Fire Extinguisher Trolleys & Mobile Fire Points made to individual specification upon request. Fire Logistics Ltd also offer Fire Safety Log Books (A4 & A5), First Aid Kits and Personal Protection Equipment.

Fire Safety Signs

Fire Safety SignsA range of fire safety and information signs in either self adhesive or rigid plastic photo luminescent designs include:-

  • Extinguisher ID Signs (Portrait 200mm x 80mm or Landscape 150mm x 100mm)
  • Exit & Fire Exit Signs (300mm x 100mm or 450mm x 150mm)
  • Fire Point & Fire Action Signs (200mm x 150mm)

We also offer a bespoke Sign-age service upon request to meet individual requirements.