Global Fire Fighting Foams, Extinguishers and Equipment

Fire Logistics Ltd welcome fire fighting friends, 3F, to our partner pages with an article highlighting the tremendous range of fire fighting products and equipment available on the market.

3F are the sister company of ABC MacIntosh Ltd, one of the industry’s leading specialists in the development of foam and chemical fire extinguishers. With offices in Europe, Asia, Africa and America, 3F have grown into a global fire fighting company.

With over 30 products in the foam and fire extinguisher range, 3F have water-based and chemical solutions for all category fires including fluorosurfactant foams for combating petrol & oil fires, flammable gases & metals. They have developed a range of solutions specifically for tackling forest fires and heathland fires. Environmentally sensitive chemical additives have been designed for use where water is in short supply and where traditional fire fighting foams have been know to leave a toxic residue behind.

3F have also developed a range of fire fighting equipment under the FAS – Fire Attack System – banner. FAS uses high pressure delivery systems to tackle fires in hard to reach places. The FAS Mini & Ultra are highly portable fire fighting units that can be carried on most trucks or trailers. The FAS Max is a 4×4 vehicle for speedy deployment in difficult terrains while the FAS Trakker is an off-road tracked vehicle designed for the most hostile environments.

3F work closely with French high tech fire fighting specialists CDT.   Dosing systems such as the Triton, Cameleon and Salam and adre control the quantity and level of foam additives for extinguishing every class of fire. The Triton is a small, portable and versatile unit while the Salamandre has been developed for combating large oil and gas fires.

With a range of accessories including foam chambers, fire extinguisher lances and the heat detecting ‘hotspotter’ personal protection device, 3F lead the way in fire fighting product design. For more information visit 3F at

Global Fire Fighting Foams, Extinguishers and Equipment

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