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fireexIn a non domestic building there are a variety of regulations and procedures which by law have to be observed. Some of these relate to the very real threat of fire, which tragically is in most cases avoidable. In 2015 there were 294 fire related deaths in the UK, showing a worrying 21% increase compared to previous years.

Most fires which cause fatalities are domestic, although non domestic fires are a significant problem also, costing lives and often the loss of business premises, stock, important documents etc. In a business or other non domestic premises where people could be at risk, a ‘responsible person’ is required to carry out fire safety duties and make sure that fire prevention and fire fighting equipment is in place. The responsible person is normally an employer, landlord, owner or occupier, and their tasks include: –

  • Regularly carrying out and reviewing fire risk assessments of the premises.
  • Reporting any risks identified.
  • Implementing and maintaining appropriate fire safety.
  • Planning of emergency strategies.
  • Organising staff information, fire safety instruction and training.

If your business has 5 or more people you must keep written records of regular fire risk assessments, which include any fire hazards, people who are at risk, how to tackle the risks and proposal for emergency procedures and training needed. These assessments must be reviewed and updated regularly.

Along with our wide range of fire safety and prevention products and services we offer in depth fire risk assessments by fully trained fire officers. We can also carry out bespoke training, including basic fire awareness and fire warden training. Our popular loyalty discount gives fixed price deals for commitments covering 3 or 5 years, and you can choose to pay quarterly or annually. Contact Fire Logistics Limited, for more information or a quote on 0191 214 6400.

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