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Hopefully you will never need to use the products we offer, but if you do, they could potentially save your life. We are specialists in the design, redesign, supply, installation and maintenance of high performance sprinkler systems, fire alarms and emergency lighting for commercial, industrial, local authority or domestic customers. We can supply a range of reliable, user friendly fire extinguishers for every class of fire, including free burning, flammable liquids, gases and metals, combustible cooking and electrical fires.

It is becoming more and more usual to see fire extinguishers not only at the office, local authority or business premises, but within the home too. Think of all the potential hazards we come across in every day living, while cooking for instance. Frequent occurrences include removing a pan and forgetting to turn off the flame, becoming distracted and leaving food on the heat, inadvertently allowing a tea towel or other material to drape across a flame, and one of the most common problems, leaving a hot chip pan unattended. Electrical malfunctions or carelessness can prove extremely unsafe, and things like faulty toasters, overloaded sockets, faulty wiring, electrical fires placed in precarious positions, fabrics etc in contact with light bulbs are all well known for causing disasters.

Another area of concern is the garage, where a variety of dangerous chemicals, flammable liquids and risky processes abound. Sparks can be created when working on cars or doing DIY tasks, that could escalate the chance of fire, especially where there is clutter like oily rags, paper or matches. Worryingly we often see that fitted smoke alarms have been disabled in an attempt to stop any occasional bleeping noises, this is highly inadvisable, as your smoke alarm is often the first sign that there may be a problem. This warning can give vital minutes in which to act, and escape to safety.

The Fire Logistic Ltd, mobile friendly, redesigned website, created by Autus Web Design and Marketing, has now been launched. This new website incorporates Responsive Design technology, enabling customers to find and navigate our website in the fastest possible time. This puts us at the cutting edge of the fire prevention and protection market, as well as keeping our customers safe in their homes and at work.

Loyalty Discount  – Save Money on Fire Protection

We are constantly striving to provide an excellent customer experience and are currently considering offering a loyalty discount, with fixed price deals for a 3 or 5 year commitment and quarterly or bi-annual payment.

Please e mail us at for details or if you have a suggestion for loyalty terms. Alternatively call us on 0191 214 6400

Just to let everyone know,  it is now almost a year since we moved, yet some clients still write to us at our old address. We don’t want to lose you, so please note our current address since Dec 2014 is:- 

Unit 11B
Airport Industrial Estate
Newcastle Upon Tyne

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