Fire Fighting Expertise, Innovation and Analysis

It is no secret nor surprise to know that different types of fire demand different types of response. While water may be a perfectly adequate solution to tackling Category A fires involving paper or wood, it is no good whatsoever for combating electrical fires and could give catastrophic results if used on oil or petrochemical fires.

Fire Logistics friends and marketing partners, ABC MacIntosh are experts in finding the right solution to every fire fighting need. The Laboratory of Expertise, Innovation and Analysis (LEIA) is the technological wing of ABC MacIntosh.

Scientists and engineers at LEIA are responsible for designing a developing a range of foams, chemical extinguishers and dry powders to tackle every eventuality. They work with fire fighting organisations and industries from all over the world to identify risks and create the ideal response.

Chemicals, reactive metals and materials are catalysed by heat in a many different ways. LEIA chemists are regularly commissioned by industrial partners to design foam concentrates to tackle specific fire risks.  They provide a comprehensive testing service to ensure fire resistant chemicals and foam concentrates comply with international standards such as EN3, EN-1568, ICAO and ISO7203.

LEIA offers specific analysis and normative testing, and design critical tests to measure performance levels of a range of chemical fire fighting solutions.

LEIA engineers provide field testing of fire fighting equipment, ensuring quality standards are met when they are most needed. They carry out on-site risk assessment and provide expert assistance in determining the correct combination of fire extinguishing chemicals and equipment.

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Fire Fighting Expertise, Innovation and Analysis

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