Domestic & Residential Sprinkler Systems

We are experiencing high and growing demand for sprinkler systems for residential properties. Examples are conversion from hotels to apartments, attic conversions and conversions of terraced housing into flats.

Examples of some of the domestic sprinkler installations we have completed:

  • Twenty newly built apartments in Durham.
  • A Methodist church converted into four houses in Blaydon, Tyne & Wear.
  • Conversion of a cottage hospital to apartments in Rothbury, Tyne & Wear.

Domestic / Residential Fire Sprinkler Specification

Fire Logistics Ltd can design domestic systems which are fully sprinklered to BS9251:2005, or engineered (subject to approval from building control) for a partial sprinkler system to give a means of escape.

An example of the latter is the conversion of a hotel to apartments in Lemington Tyne & Wear. In two of the apartments we have engineered an acceptable sprinkler system, with building control, to provide an escape route from the bedrooms, in the event of a fire in the kitchen, living room and at the landing of the staircase. We also installed heat detection to give advanced warning of potential fire.

Domestic Sprinkler & Fire Alarm Systems

Typically the pipework is “Blazemaster” CPVC – fully approved by LPCB and FM.
The pipework is a bright orange colour, readily identifiable below floorboards, with a typical sprinkler “concealed” with only the white cover plate visible, giving a pleasing aesthetic appearance.

On the domestic water supply to the house we will typically fit a priority valve. This powers shut if a sprinkler activates, maximising the water flow to the sprinkler.

Fire Logistics also install an alarm system to give audible warning both inside and outside the property should the sprinkler system need to operate.

In the majority of cases, the sprinkler control and alarm equipment can be installed in an accessible location, without impacting life in the house.

Domestic Fire Sprinkler Systems – Recent Projects

Sprinkler systems installed in:

  • 3 new build private houses in Kendall, Cumbria
  • A house in Richmond, North Yorkshire,
  • A domestic installation in London

We recently installed sprinkler protection to 3 new flats being converted from a public house in Wallsend, Tyne & Wear. Sprinkler protection must be installed in this 1020’s pub, as when the old ceiling was removed, Building Control found a ‘Heritage’ which must be preserved. The cornice in the snug has been hidden from view for 40 years and in order to preserve it, fire proofing is not viable and so sprinkler protection was provided.

In a residential development in Durham we have installed fire sprinkler protection to thirty flats. For this fire sprinkler installation we acted as sub contractor to Newton Moor Construction.

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