Cost Effective Firefighting Solutions and Fire Extinguishers

Fire Logistics Ltd is dedicated to the prevention of fires, extinguishing fires quickly, and effectively preventing fires from spreading. The same is true of our marketing partners, ABC MacIntosh Ltd, who have recently published a new article on the Fire Logistics website.

ABC MacIntosh work with firefighters, fire brigades and high risk industries throughout the world to develop advanced and effective firefighting resources. ABC MacIntosh produce fire extinguishers, water additives, dry powders and foams to combat industrial fires, petrochemical fires, fires in nuclear facilities and to fight woodland fires.

As every firefighter knows, different fires demand different solutions. Fire Departments, fire risk assessment officers and safety consultants categorise fires into 6 distinct groups. These run from freely burning materials (Class A – paper, wood, etc) to electrical fires (Class F – computer fires, electrical appliances, etc). Each category of fire must be tackled in its own way if the fire isn’t to spread. The common example is the danger of pouring water onto burning oils.

ABC MacIntosh have a range of fire extinguishers, foams and products to combat each category of fire.

Fluorosurfactant free foams and foam concentrates developed by CBC MacIntosh are as effective in extinguishing biofuels, ethanol and ethanol blend fires as they are in tackling hydrocarbon-based fires.

Forest fires and heathland fires pose a separate problem. Access to water can be difficult and many of the fire-fighting chemicals currently on the market can be as environmentally damaging as the fires they are designed to extinguish. ABC MacIntosh have developed a range of environmentally friendly water additives that dramatically increase water penetration.

ABC MacIntosh have designed mobile Fire Attack Systems that are effective in the most challenging of environments. The FAS and the FAS Ultra use both foam and water. They operate from dedicated water tanks or open water sources. ABC MacIntosh Fire Attack Systems are over 90% efficient in water delivery, providing excellent ground penetration and effective heat shields.

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Cost Effective Firefighting Solutions and Fire Extinguishers

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