Comprehensive Range of Sprinkler Products & Services

Whilst all fire safety sprinkler specialists use the same specification of equipment, the design method used can vary considerably. At Fire Logistics Ltd we harness a huge resource of experience and expertise to analyse each situation. We can offer several different designs to deal with the fire hazard in a particular situation, all of which are regulation compliant. The client is then free to evaluate each and with our help select the option which provides the optimum solution.

Free Fire Sprinkler Consultation

We offer an advice and guidance service for future sprinkler / fire protection installations. We can forecast the cost planned of fire protection systems up to 2 years in advance.

We are often asked for to give advice on technical issues associated with fire sprinkler installations and advise if the project is feasible. Considering modifications such as changes to the current water supplies etc means that numerous permutations can be produced for management to review. In most situations, this work is not contingent on us getting the job – you are not obliged to involve us in the project.

For a highly detailed appraisal we will need to recover costs, but normally we are able to offer this as a free consultancy service.

Fire Logistics Directors and Design Engineers have vast experience of the fire industry and has designed solutions for a wide variety of challenging situations such as :-

  • A distribution warehouse in Prudhoe, Tyneside. The structure is 27m high with 7 levels of storage racking. This project required a major fire engineering solution involving over 6,000 sprinkler heads, probably the largest of its kind in the North East.
  • A resins and coatings production plant in Newcastle. This incorporated one of the first enhancements of a sprinkler system with an alcohol resistant aqueous film forming foam.

Creative Sprinkler System Installations

Hotel Bathroom Modules
We undertook the offsite sprinkler fabrication for 1,000 individual hotel bathroom modules. This involves the installation of two sprinklers for each bathroom and a further sprinkler head projecting into the bedroom. All are pressure tested to 15 bars for 2 hours, prior to despatch.

New Italian Café/Bar/Restaurant Concept
Fire Logistics works with a chain of Italian café/restaurants – a new concept for the UK. We install full sprinkler systems to BSEN 12845, to a retail design from South Africa. Installations have to date been completed in Newcastle and Camberley in Surrey.

Tyre Factory Sprinkler System Upgrade
This client needed to increase the height at which tyres are stored, to 7.6m. To facilitate this, we upgraded the sprinkler system, with each sprinkler head capable of discharging 100 gallons of water / min. The work was completed with minimal disruption to the client’s operations.

Private & Commercial Fire Sprinkler Systems

Listed Building Project in Derbyshire
We recently undertook a sprinkler installation for an English Heritage listed property in Derbyshire. The project involved installing specialist fire sprinkler systems to four buildings. Our engineered solution enabled the client to avoid putting in expensive fire safety systems, whose visibility would not have been in keeping with this listed property.

Luxury Yacht
We worked in Barcelona on a 12 month contract to design & install watermist protection to a luxury 42m yacht. The protection covers accommodation, crew quarters, galley, bridge and engine room and includes the associated detection and fire alarms.

BPI Industries Stockton, Teesside
Here Fire Logistics worked in conjunction with Franklin Hodge to replace the fire sprinkler system and water storage tank. We also engineered a temporary solution to provide water supply to the sprinkler system whilst the water storage tank was out of operation.

Fragrance Manufacturer, Tyneside
We have recently completed a large scale project in a fragrance manufacturing plant. We installed over 1800 sprinkler heads in a 9m high building with a suspended ceiling of 7m height.

Military Base – Discreet Sprinkers
Fire Logistics has been asked to do an appraisal for a fire fighting system at a sensitive military base. The project will involve ensuring all equipment is concealed but still compliant as far as is practical, with International standards fire fighting equipment.

Factory Complex in Oman
Fire Logistics has been asked to undertake a review of fire protection for a UK based multinational company with factories worldwide. Based on the excellent relationships developed in the UK, we have been requested to examine an upgrade to the group’s factory complex in Oman.

We seek to develop positive, co-operative relationship with all our clients. We are available to give free advice and to discuss the viability and feasibility of fire protection installations.

Sprinkler System Servicing & Maintenance

Sprinkler sprinklingSanofi, Fawdon.
Various sprinkler works in a pharmaceutical environment.

Enterprise Eight, Chinese restaurant, Newcastle city centre.
Full sprinkler installation, including control valves to complete restaurant, kitchen and cellar areas.

Innovia Films, Cumbria.
Replaced non-operational deluge valve with new, and commissioned it.

Pfizer, Morpeth, Northumbria, pharmaceutical plant.
Replaced 200mm sprinkler control valve with new and re-commission.

Design, Supply & Installation of Sprinkler Systems & Fire Hydrants

Our client list includes:-

  • J.C. Atkinson – 400 sq metres of fire sprinkler protection for main roof and mezzanine floor to a new factory in Washington, Tyne & Wear.
  • Old Blyth Power Station, Blyth, Northumbria – Design, supply and installation of a water main within existing concrete trench, complete with 80mm fire hydrants.
  • MOD firing ranges, Otterburn, Northumbria – Through mechanical and electrical main contractors Lorne Stewart, we were appointed to design, supply and install the fire hydrant pump house with 250 mm discharge.
  • Hashimoto, Boldon, Tyne and Wear – This factory supplies car body parts for major car manufacturers such as Nissan. The contract was for workshop and paint shop fire sprinkler protection.
  • Esprit, Dublin – National clothing retailer, Esprit, appointed us to provide fire sprinkler protection within a large shopping centre in Dublin.
  • Alcan Smelting and Power, Ashington, Northumbria – This contract valued at £70k, involved work in the anode forming facility of the aluminium smelting plant. A complete installation, providing sprinkler protection to FM standards, at roof level, the underside of 5 platforms and within the conveyors.
  • Alcan Packaging Cumbria – In this snack packaging plant we installed sprinkler protection within the new production hall and around new production machinery. All of this work was done to FM standards. Value of contract – £70k.

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